Booth Variance Request Form

Exhibitors requesting designs that are outside HAI’s booth guidelines are required to complete this form to request a booth variance. Submit this form in conjunction with a detailed booth diagram with dimensions in feet/inches.

Please submit the completed form and a detailed booth diagram with dimensions in feet/inches to by February 9, 2024. Approvals will be given via email; allow five to seven business days for a response.

Mark on your diagram the exact height and width of your booth structure and hanging sign. Clearly indicate the height of all levels on double-deck booths. All communication regarding booth designs must be in English and measurements in feet/inches.

Should the diagram submitted with this form differ significantly from the actual structure on-site, you may be required to alter it, at your expense, or, if suitable space is available, the exhibit will be moved at your expense.

Note: Any approval granted for booth variances are valid for HAI HELI-EXPO 2024 only. Your designs, if necessary, should still be submitted to the fire marshal and a structural engineer for their approval, per the rules of the Anaheim Convention Center, as outlined in the Exhibitor Services Kit.

For additional information, please call 703-683-4646 or email