5G C Band Transmissions and the Impacts on Rotorcraft Radar Altimeter Certification and Continued Operational Safety

Rotor Safety Challenge (RSC)
Maintenance, Operations, Pilot, Safety
Instructor: Nicholas Kefalas, Lockheed Martin

This session will examine the history of 5G C band transmissions and their effects of radio altimeter interference, with specific emphasis on rotorcraft operational impacts, certification, and continued airworthiness. We will discuss the technical fundamentals behind 5G C band transmissions and current and future regulatory implications as well as current FAA airworthiness directives, domestic and worldwide impacts to rotary-wing operations, and potential short- and long-term solutions.

Instructor Bio

Nicholas Kefalas is Lockheed Martin technology fellow for systems and equipment and certification across all Lockheed Martin divisions and certification lead for avionic, electrical, and flight control systems for Lockheed Martin Sikorsky Aircraft. He also is a senior systems and equipment design architect with expertise in complex system design and aircraft certification/airworthiness with more than 30 years of programmatic and project development experience in avionic, flight controls, and electrical systems covering the entire life-cycle development process, including qualification, certification and airworthiness. A member of RTCA, he contributed to the development of multiple RTCA DO standards. He is also an FAA designated engineering representative (DER) for systems and equipment covering avionics, electrical, and flight controls, including airborne electronic hardware.

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