Date(s): Tuesday, March 23 | 8:00 am – 9:00 am


Rotor Safety Challenge Course (RSC)
Pilot, Safety, Student
Instructor: William Hopper, Helicopters Inc.
Price: This course is free to anyone attending HAI HELI-EXPO

Maintenance technicians aren’t the only ones who must understand their aircraft’s systems; pilots, too, need to know how their aircraft works so they can respond correctly should a mechanical issue arise. Indeed, a knowledgeable pilot is a safer pilot. In this session, we’ll review the basics of aircraft systems by addressing three questions: what is it? what does it do? how does it do it? We’ll also cover the significance of training for “what if” scenarios by applying knowledge of aircraft systems to solve a systems problem.

Instructor Bio

William “Bill” Hopper has been actively involved in aviation since 1978 and has served in many different capacities throughout his career, including in the US Air Force as an active (1974 to 1982) and a reserve (1982 to 1985) service member. Bill holds an A&P certificate, a bachelor’s degree in aircraft maintenance management, and a master’s degree in aviation safety. He currently serves as director of training for Helicopters Inc. and as FAA Safety Team (FAASTeam) lead in St. Louis, Missouri.

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