Date(s): March 6 |  8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Professional Education Course (PEC)
Instructor: LCDR Jānis Nagy (USCG, Ret.), Convergent Performance

Price by Jan. 29: $445Member | $655 Nonmember
Price after Jan. 29: $575 Member | $840 Nonmember

This course presents powerful ideas useful to veteran glass-cockpit pilots as well as those new to modern helicopter autoflight systems. Designed to enhance advanced cockpit human–machine interface skills, the program teaches pilots the nine principles of glass-cockpit airmanship, derived from over a decade of fieldwork with organizations that have successfully transitioned to advanced aircraft fleets. Each principle provides a building block for a straightforward and disciplined approach to operate increasingly complex aircraft safely and effectively in demanding operational environments.

Learning Objectives: By the conclusion of the course, attendees will have learned:

  • How to optimize their use of automation
  • Techniques for providing clear, focused briefings and responding appropriately to automation alerts and warnings
  • How to apply automation-related strategies to all phases of flight, including task and workload management, mode control, improved situational awareness, and more.

Instructor Bio

Jānis Nagy, lead instructor at Convergent Performance, has a diverse background in aviation, human performance, human systems integration, and organizational strategy development. With more than 35 years of military and corporate experience, including a 20-year career with the US Coast Guard, he has been instrumental in driving processes that facilitate organizational growth. After attending flight school, Jānis served as a rotary-wing aviator, instructor pilot, and HH-60J platform manager. He holds a master’s degree in human resources management from the University of Maryland Global Campus and a bachelor’s degree in professional aeronautics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

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