Autonomous Aircraft Research to Inform AAM

Rotor Safety Challenge (RSC)
Instructor: Chris Tysor, Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership at Virginia Tech

FAA test sites have been conducting informative research for the agency as well as NASA that will directly inform and enable future advanced air mobility (AAM) initiatives. In this session, direct correlations will be made between the research performed and the recently released NASA UAM (urban air mobility) Airspace Research Roadmap.

Instructor Bio

Chris Tysor is the BEYOND Program Manager at the Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech). BEYOND is an FAA program with the ultimate goal of fostering innovation and advancing the safe integration of small uncrewed aircraft systems into the US National Airspace System through beyond-visual-line-of-sight operations by rule. She is charged with assisting her team in developing concepts of operation, identifying and mitigating risks of those operations, and submitting safety cases to the FAA.

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