Don’t Go Away Mad!

Rotor Safety Challenge (RSC)
Instructor: Sarah Barber

Completion of a post-transport debrief following every patient transport is an essential component of ensuring a medical transport company’s ongoing commitment to safety and quality improvement. The medical transport industry is uniquely positioned to develop a standardized post-transport debrief that encompasses the same key elements every time. This session will explain why the post-transport debrief is a crucial part of crew resource management, what obstacles there are to completing it, and how to overcome those obstacles through application of communication tools, psychology, and company culture.

Instructor Bio

Sarah Barber has been a flight paramedic with Life Flight Network for 17 years. In 2011, she ventured into safety and quality management and has worked in a dual capacity as a clinician and a quality manager ever since. Her early training included a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Stanford University. When she’s not flying in helicopters or collecting data for continuous quality improvement, Sarah can be found running on a trail with her dogs and camping with her husband in the mountains of her home state of Idaho.

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