Emotional Intelligence: The Missing Piece of the Safety Puzzle

Rotor Safety Challenge (RSC)
Career Development, Maintenance, Operations, Pilot, Safety, Student, UAS
Instructor: Kim Hutchings, Volo Mission

Safety is imbedded throughout all levels of helicopter operations, but, unknowingly, individuals can create an atmosphere that diminishes safety instead of fostering it. This session will discuss how we currently approach safety and what’s missing, and the importance of developing emotional intelligence on all levels of the operation to improve awareness, communication, and behavior.

Instructor Bio

Kim Hutchings is president and CEO of Volo Mission. She has over 16 years of helicopter industry experience, as well as expertise in psychology, human factors, leadership, emotional intelligence, and organizational behavior. With this unique combination of knowledge, she has developed a powerful and effective approach to creating and enhancing safety culture within organizations. Kim has been working with aviation professionals for several years to increase their emotional intelligence and thereby help create safe, effective, cohesive teams.

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