Date(s): Feb. 25 | 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Enhancing Leadership and Company Culture in External-Load Operations

Professional Education Course (PEC)
Instructor: Kim Hutchings

Price by Jan. 12: $700 Member | $805 Nonmember
Price after Jan. 12: $775 Member | $895 Nonmember

Safety is embedded throughout all levels of helicopter operations but, unknowingly, managers can create an atmosphere that diminishes safety instead of fostering it. This class will discuss leadership styles important to external-load operations and the importance of developing emotional intelligence (EQ) for managers in order to improve awareness, communication, and behavior. Developed EQ creates more-effective leaders and stronger team and crew cohesion for better decision-making under pressure. The result is enhanced safety and higher performance and productivity to meet business and safety needs.

Learning Objectives: By the conclusion of the course, participants will have learned:

  • The role of emotional intelligence (EQ) in effective leadership
  • The role EQ plays in safety and overall company culture
  • Key areas of leadership in relation to EQ
  • The problems organizations experience when EQ is absent
  • EQ-i 2.0 in relationship to areas of leadership potential
  • Why it’s important for managers to assess not only their crew members’ skill level, but also their EQ
  • How to identify EQ and understand how aspects of EQ can lead to derailing behaviors.

Instructor Bio

Kim Hutchings is the CEO and co-owner of Volo Mission, a helicopter company dedicated solely to training, educating, and improving the external-load industry. In addition, she is a rated helicopter pilot and has over 17 years of helicopter industry experience. With this unique combination of knowledge and experience, Kim has developed a powerful and effective approach to creating and enhancing safety and company culture within organizations. She holds a bachelor of psychology degree from the University of Southern California; a master of aeronautical science degree with specializations in human factors and safety systems from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University; and a master of science degree in leadership and organizational development from the University of Texas, Dallas. Kim writes ongoing columns for Vertical magazine on safety, leadership, and emotional intelligence.

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