Evidence-Based Training for Helicopter Pilots

Rotor Safety Challenge (RSC)
Career Development, Operations, Pilot
Instructor: Scott Boughton, Palisade Aviation

It is said that experience is a hard teacher, because it gives the test first and the lesson afterward. Since there is no substitute for experience, and we can’t train for every possible contingency, we need a way to develop a pilot’s overall capability across a range of core competencies. Evidence-based training (EBT) was developed to meet this need. In this course, we’ll explore how to apply EBT to helicopter training.

Instructor Bio

A helicopter pilot for over 22 years, Scott Boughton started his career as a UH-60 pilot in the US Army. After leaving the army, Scott flew in the offshore, electronic news-gathering, and helicopter air ambulance sectors in both VFR and IFR environments. Scott is the owner of Palisade Aviation and is working to bring a more intentional approach to aviation operations and training.

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