Date(s): Tuesday, March 8 | 8:00 am – 9:00 am

Rotor Safety Challenge (RSC)
Maintenance, Pilot
Instructor: Alexander Wutschnik

Fighting wildland fires with helicopters can be dangerous, and having properly maintained, reliable firefighting equipment is essential to ensure a safe operation. This session will cover technical information about two important pieces of firefighting equipment, the Bambi Bucket and Bambi MAX Bucket systems. We’ll review the maintenance of these systems as well as procedures to reduce risk, promote safety, and identify and prevent potential operational problems. Participants will also learn techniques for assessing equipment wear and damage and troubleshooting failures and performance issues.

Instructor Bio

Alexander “Alex” Wutschnik is a product engineer for SEI Industries, where his responsibilities include training customers and agents in the operation and maintenance of Bambi Bucket systems. He’s traveled internationally to troubleshoot buckets in the field and has enhanced product development through design changes, technical documentation, and quality control. Alex graduated from the British Columbia Institute of Technology with a bachelor’s degree in engineering.

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