Date(s): Monday, March 7 | 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Professional Education Course (PEC)
Maintenance, Operator, Pilot, Safety, UAS
Instructor: Jack Cress, Vortechs Helicopter Analytics
Price by Jan. 14: $555 Member | $825 Nonmember
Price after Jan. 14: $710 Member | $1040 Nonmember

The course will briefly introduce National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) reporting requirements and review the primary historical causes of both US and international helicopter accidents. We’ll focus on aerodynamically oriented causes, including hover performance, downwind effects, forward flight transition, rotor system characteristics, high-speed phenomena, descent issues (such as the vortex ring state and autorotation), and ground issues (such as rollover and resonance). Component-fracture characteristics (for example, static fracture and fatigue) will also be briefly addressed. Case studies will be included and a notebook and electronic media provided.

Learning Objectives: By the conclusion of the course, participants will have learned:

  • Basic NTSB and ICAO reporting requirements
  • The primary historical causes of US and international helicopter accidents
  • Component-fracture characteristics.

Instructor Bio

Jack Cress is the owner of Vortechs Helicopter Analytics and is a technology instructor at the University of Southern California. A career helicopter pilot in the US Marine Corps, Jack has nearly 4,000 hours of flying experience and has worked in maintenance, logistics, and safety at several levels.

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