Helicopter Ditching and Egress: Evaluate, Prepare, Perform

Rotor Safety Challenge (RSC)
Safety; Operations
Instructor: Maria Hanna

This one-hour session will introduce essential questions to ask and answer when evaluating risks while operating over water. It will explain what passengers and crew can do to help ensure the best possible outcome prior to ditching, including the critical steps needed for a successful egress, the most common barriers to success, and how to overcome problems. The session will conclude with a review of water survival skills and hypothermia mitigation.

Instructor Bio

Prior to her appointment as President and CEO in 2007, Maria Hanna served as the executive director for Survival Systems USA. Responsible for ensuring operational readiness across seven locations, she has presented extensively at various venues in over 40 states for various aviation clients. Maria has conducted instructor and student training around the world and has consulted as a subject matter expert in various liability suits related to training preparedness, as well as R&D programs with the US Department of Defense and various civilian spaceflight agencies. Her most recent efforts include conducting underwater egress/surface water survival training as well as workforce development for the offshore wind industry.

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