How Small Operators Can Develop an Effective SMS

Rotor Safety Challenge (RSC)
Safety; Operations
Instructor: Stan Rose

The FAA regulation requiring safety management systems (SMSs) is coming soon and your current staff and management need to prepare for it. This session will address the problems that small operators can face when they try to comply with the SMS mandate and discuss the changes needed to develop an “effective” SMS.

Instructor Bio

Stan Rose is the CEO of Helicopter Safety Alliance, a company that provides safety seminars and other services for pilots, aviation maintenance technicians (AMTs) and managers of small helicopter operations. Previously, he was the director of safety outreach for HAI. Stan has been involved in the helicopter industry for 50 years and served in numerous and varied positions. He has been a pilot, a program director for air medical operations, and a business development specialist. He has also worked on several overseas projects in both maintenance and operations roles.

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