IFR Chart Clinic & Refresher

Rotor Safety Challenge (RSC)
Safety; Pilot; Operations
Instructor: Chris Baur

The chart clinic will dissect the data contained in IFR charting, exploring nomenclature, symbology, and standardization of the charting convention. We will discuss how the charted information is organized, presented, and derived that characterizes the instrument flight procedures that helicopter pilots are likely to encounter. Illumination of high-threat areas as they correlate between air traffic control (ATC) clearance, charting, and avionics automation, as well as modern digital geo-referenced charting products interfacing with an electronic flight bag (EFB). The interactive discussion will examine approaches, departures, and enroute navigation, including new COPTER low-level RNP 0.3 airways. Contemporary terminology will also be explained to guide participants in the transformative NextGen movement as it relates to COPTER IFR navigation.

Instructor Bio

Chris Baur is the president and CEO of Hughes Aerospace Corporation, one of the largest and most experienced, globally credentialed Air Navigation Service Providers. Under Chris’s leadership, Hughes has been at the forefront of the FAA’s NextGen implementation and worldwide performance-based navigation (PBN) movement. Chris possesses 40 years of diverse contributions in aviation. He is an experienced airline captain, technical pilot, instructor, and flight test pilot.

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