IS-BAO 20th Edition Updates for Rotorcraft and RPAS Operations

Rotor Safety Challenge (RSC)
Operations, Pilot. Safety
Instructor: Katherine Hilst, IS-BAO

This session will present an overview of the updated elements for rotorcraft operations in the IS-BAO 20th edition as well as an introduction to the addition of remotely piloted aircraft systems to the IS-BAO.

Instructor Bio

Katherine Hilst joined the IS-BAO team as operations manager in 2019. Her role at the organization includes workshop and educational program development based on industry feedback to meet the needs of IS-BAO operators now and in the future. Katherine has an extensive background in safety management consulting and is an experienced safety auditor, including work as an auditor for the IS-BAO, the Tour Operators Program of Safety, and HAI’s Safety Accreditation Program.

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