Measuring Safety Culture in Operations

Rotor Safety Challenge (RSC)
Safety; Operations; UAS
Instructor: Jason Starke

This session will explore the various definitions of safety culture and describe what safety culture is in relation to organizational culture. It will also discuss safety culture as a multi-dimensional construct that allows the practitioner to develop questions for each construct to create a viable safety culture survey. The session will also review the benefits of treating safety culture as multi-dimensional, especially for homing in on specific dimensions for improvement. Finally, the session will explore the importance of leadership in fostering safety culture and how that dimension can be measured as part of the survey. The goal of the session will be for participants to be able to construct a viable and usable safety culture survey to deploy in their operations.

Instructor Bio

Jason Starke is the director of safety for Baldwin Safety and Compliance, where he guides the development and implementation of Baldwin’s safety management system (SMS) offerings. Prior to joining Baldwin, Jason served with the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) as the IS-BAO operations manager, where he taught flight and ground standards worldwide. Jason has also served as a corporate pilot in private and medical operations. He recently completed his PhD in organizational leadership and behavior.

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