Mechanics: Safety in Maintenance

Rotor Safety Challenge (RSC)
Safety; Maintenance
Instructor: Michael Broderick

Instructor Bio

As a career certificated A&P technician for 51 years, Michael Broderick has worked in both the technical as well as the sales and marketing segments of the industry. He has worked as a shop and field technician and an engine program manager. He co-owned a Part 145 repair station designated as an Allison alternate method of compliance (AMOC) for the Allison Model 250 engine (now Rolls-Royce M250), as well as a Hughes (MD) and Schweizer service center. Michael has provided turboshaft engine maintenance training to A&P students as well as maintenance technicians. He received the Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award in 2021. Currently, Michael is the owner of RotorDoc LLC.

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