Date(s): Wednesday, March 24 | 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm


Rotor Safety Challenge Course (RSC)
Operations, Pilot
Instructor: Dudley Crosson, Airborne Public Safety Association
Price: This course is free to anyone attending HAI HELI-EXPO

There’s a great deal of misunderstanding when it comes to how fatigue affects us and how we can mitigate it. In this session, we’ll take a practical look at fatigue as it applies to work, explain the three chief types of fatigue and circadian rhythms, and discuss two ways to mitigate fatigue for short periods of time.

Instructor Bio

Dudley Crosson, president of Delta P Inc., is an aeromedical safety officer (an aerospace physiologist who is also a qualified aviation safety officer) and the aeromedical liaison for the Airborne Public Safety Association. The focus of his work is operations rather than research. Dudley, who holds a doctorate in diving physiology and a master’s degree in exercise physiology, provides aeromedical safety support in such areas as aviation life support equipment, fatigue, spatial disorientation, stress, night-vision goggles, and various other physiological issues.

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