Practical Implementation of Sense and Avoid/Detect and Avoid for Operators and Other Airspace Stakeholders

Rotor Safety Challenge (RSC)
Instructor: Heather K Harris-Aguirre

This session will explore the remaining challenges and potential solutions toward fielding practical, affordable sense and avoid (SAA) and detect and avoid DAA) capabilities. It will also cover how DAA will help crewed helicopter pilot operators, the history of DAA over the past two decades, and how DAA is shaping integration with advanced air mobility (AAM) for helicopter and other low-altitude operators.

Instructor Bio

Heather K. Harris-Aguirre is a subject matter expert in airspace integration of crewed and uncrewed systems, industry standards (ASTM, ICAO/CANSO, ISO, JARUS, RTCA, SAE), safety management systems (SMS), human factors, science and technology research, concepts development, systems engineering, and associated industry best practices.

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