Public Safety UAS Training: 21st Century Training for a 21st Century Tool

Rotor Safety Challenge (RSC)
UAS, Safety; Operations
Instructor: Joshua Brown

Uncrewed aircraft systems (UASs), or drones, have forever reshaped the face of modern public safety and governmental operations. The use of these devices has become a hot topic of discussion and, in some cases, sparked legislative action. One of the most important steps for their effective integration is quantifiable education and training. A lack of proper training will pose definite risk to public safety operations. Drones offer an advantage for public safety as their full capabilities are harnessed more fluidly. The need for standardized practices is paramount as these platforms become larger and gain in endurance. Standards and best practices are ready to usher in a new generation of airborne innovation.

Instructor Bio

Joshua K. Brown is an international UAS subject-matter expert and doctoral candidate recognized by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the FAA, the US Congress, the US Department of Justice, and the World Police Summit. He is the architect of the first nonmilitary UAS certificate program to receive American National Standards Institute National Accreditation Board approval in the field of aerospace. He is also a member of the HAI UAS Working Group and numerous other prestigious international aerospace and counterterrorism organizations.

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