Risk + Fear + the Abilene Paradox = Avoidable Accidents

Rotor Safety Challenge (RSC)
Operations, Pilot, Safety
Instructor: Kenneth Cerney, Leader-Team Dynamics LLC

With increasing risks and fear, the well-known helicopter air ambulance (HAA) crew saying, “All to say GO, one to say NO,” might instead be the far more dangerous, “ALL say GO, because NO ONE said NO.” This phenomenon is sometimes referred to as the Abilene paradox, a situation in which a group together makes a unanimous decision that one or more of its members actually disagrees with. This is a hazardous attitude for crews to adopt that can lead to disastrous results when an accident might have easily been avoided.

Instructor Bio

Kenneth Cerney is the owner of Leader-Team Dynamics LLC. Besides flying helicopters for over 35 years and flying HAA for more than 13, Kenneth is certified in several personality assessments focused on team and crew communications and decision-making in times of stress. He is a retired lieutenant colonel with the US Army, having served in the military branch for 28 years and finishing his career there as chief of leadership training with the Army Reserve’s 84th ARRTC.

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