The Dirty Dozen: Integrating Quality and Safety Management Processes

Rotor Safety Challenge (RSC)
Instructor: Leonard W. LeBlanc

This presentation will explore the Maintenance Dirty Dozen and how to integrate best practices into your organization’s quality assurance processes to ensure compliance. It will also explain how to integrate into your organization’s safety management system (SMS), specifically safety risk management and safety assurance. The presenters will provide specific examples for the integration of these systems and how they can and benefit your operation.

Instructor Bio

Leonard W. LeBlanc began his aviation career for a large Part 135 helicopter company as a maintenance technician/supervisor in a Part 145 repair facility. He spent several years in the engineering department designing and documenting parts and systems for the company’s helicopter emergency medical services (HEMS) division. Over the past 21 years, Leonard has managed the company’s Part 135 Quality Management Systems Department, including migrating safety management system (SMS) audits into the overall audit program.

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