Date(s): Monday, March 7 | 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Professional Education Course (PEC)
Maintenance, Pilot, Safety
Instructor: Kim Hutchings, Volo Mission

Price by Jan. 14: $555 Member | $825 Nonmember
Price after Jan. 14: $710 Member | $1040 Nonmember

Safety is imbedded throughout all levels of helicopter operations, but managers can unintentionally create an atmosphere that diminishes safety instead of fostering it. This class will discuss the importance of developing emotional intelligence (EQ) to improve awareness, communication, and behavior. Developed EQ creates more effective leaders and stronger team and crew cohesion for better decision-making under pressure. The result is enhanced safety and higher performance and productivity to meet business and safety needs. Attendees will apply what they learn in class by developing a personal “EQ-I 2.0” learning plan.

Learning Objectives: By the conclusion of the course, participants will have learned:

  • The role EQ plays in effective leadership and safety
  • The problems organizations experience when EQ is absent,
  • Why it’s important for managers to assess their crew’s EQ.

Instructor Bio

Kim Hutchings has over 15 years of helicopter industry experience, as well as expertise in psychology, human factors, leadership, emotional intelligence, and organizational behavior. The CEO of Volo Mission, she also runs her own practice, where she coaches managers in increasing their emotional intelligence and leadership skills and works with pilots and technicians to improve their focus. For the past few years, she’s been working with aviation managers to enhance their emotional intelligence in order to help them create a safe, effective, cohesive team environment.

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