The Importance of Cross-Functional Training in a Specialized EMS Helicopter Operation

Rotor Safety Challenge (RSC)
Safety; Operations
Instructor: Lachlan Slatyer

Instructor Bio

As the manager of human factors and a flight examiner at Toll Helicopters/the ACE Training Centre in Sydney, Australia, Lachlan Slatyer leads a team of seven human factors instructors. The in-house human factors team is responsible for the design, development, delivery, and regulatory oversight for more than 250 air and medical crews and a number of third-party aviation industry training courses. Lachlan is also a flight examiner involved the checking and training of the Toll Ambulance Rescue Helicopter Service operational aircrew. Prior to joining the NSW Ambulance HEMS contract operated by Toll Helicopters (2017–2023) and CHC (1998–2017), Lachlan was at Black Hawk pilot and flight instructor in the Australian Army. He remains an active Australian Army Reserve safety officer.

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