The Scary Truth: When You Don’t Know When to Commit to IIMC

Rotor Safety Challenge (RSC)
Pilot, Safety
Instructor: Mark Richards

Army aviators have a procedure they’re required to execute to standard if they encounter inadvertent entry into meteorological conditions (IIMC), and they’re evaluated on that procedure multiple times a year in day and night VMC (visual meteorological conditions). When it comes time to execute that procedure under deteriorating VMC conditions, however, it’s almost never as black-and-white as it is in training. How can we better prepare for the real thing to ensure we make it home when the weather gets bad?

In this session, the story will be told from the mission briefer’s point of view, not from that of the pilot in the cockpit. In the story, we’ll learn how one aircraft committed to IIMC and made it home, but the other tried to maintain VMC at night and crashed.

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