The Use of Automation on Helicopters

Rotor Safety Challenge (RSC)
Pilot, Safety, Operations
Instructor: Mikko Kallio

This presentation will cover the following topics:

  • Levels of automation in helicopters
  • How automation should be used
  • The information available regarding the use of automation in particular helicopter types
  • How to train pilots to use automation effectively and appropriately
  • What happens to manual flying skills when the use of automation increases

Instructor Bio

Mikko Kallio is an experienced rotary- and fixed-wing aviator and a consultant helicopter test pilot (European Union Aviation Safety Agency Flight Test Rating Category 2) with search-and-rescue experience. He is a former rotary-wing test pilot (retired) of the Finnish Border Guard, with test and evaluation knowledge and experience in nonexperimental rotary-wing performance, stability, and control and systems testing. Mikko has broad experience in civilian fixed-wing air transportation operations as an airline pilot and a multicrew-cooperation, flight planning, and safety training instructor and supervisor. He is also experienced in crew resource management as a ground instructor and a standard operating procedures developer in rotary- and fixed-wing flight operations. Mikko is currently head of training at Coptersafety in Helsinki, Finland, and an AW169 type rating instructor.

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