Date(s): March 6 | 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Topflight Mountain and Mountain NVG Considerations Ground School

Professional Education Course (PEC)

Price by Jan. 29: $445 Member | $655 Nonmember
Price after Jan. 29: $575 Member | $840 Nonmember

During this course, attendees will learn about terrain airflow and the vertical component of wind and discuss how to use the aircraft to determine wind direction, strength, and vertical component. High-altitude and aircraft performance will also be discussed. Techniques and procedures to aid in safe mountain flight and night-vision goggles (NVG) considerations will be covered throughout the course.

Learning Objectives: By the conclusion of the course, attendees will have learned:

  • The psychology of mountain flying
  • The geography and structure of mountainous terrain
  • The cause and effect of terrain airflow
  • How to find wind direction over a landing zone
  • How to cope with illusions
  • How to adapt the mountain reconnaissance to all forms of mountainous terrain
  • Mountain NVG flying operations and considerations.

Instructor Bio

Ian Jassman completed his commercial helicopter pilot license in 2003 in southern Alberta, Canada. He has worked for various companies in Alberta, British Columbia, the Northwest Territories, and the Yukon. Ian has been a pilot with Canadian Helicopters for the past eight years, working in some of Canada’s harshest environments, including the High Arctic and the Rocky and Coast Mountains of British Columbia. He is currently general manager and flight instructor with Topflight Elite Training and Charter Services.

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