Date(s): Tuesday, March 23 | 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm


Rotor Safety Challenge Course (RSC)
Tracks: Maintenance
Instructor: Mike Broderick, Trace Worldwide
Price: This course is free to anyone attending HAI HELI-EXPO

This session presents the technical and fiscal benefits of performing frequent rinsing and washing of the gas path components of a turbine engine. We’ll begin the session with a short explanation of the properties of water, including the various processes used to clean and purify water. We’ll also review turboshaft operational theory, followed by an exploration of the safety and financial benefits of using ultrapure, distilled water for the removal of airborne contaminates ingested during turbine engine operation. Assertions about the safety and financial benefits of using pure water are supported by a testimonial video that will be shown during the presentation.

Instructor Bio

Mike Broderick is a career certificated A&P (airframe and power plant) technician and for 49 years has worked both the technical as well as the sales and marketing segments of the industry. He has served as a shop and field technician and an engine program manager and has provided turboshaft engine maintenance training to A&P students and rotorcraft maintenance professionals. Currently, Mike is manager of business development for Trace Worldwide, an international rotorcraft and fixed-wing services company.

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