Understanding Aircraft Systems

Rotor Safety Challenge (RSC)
Maintenance, Operations, Pilot, Safety
Instructor: : : Bill Hopper, Air Evac Lifeteam

This session is applicable to pilots, mechanics, and pilot/mechanics. To function in the operational environment, pilots must be familiar not only with the systems in the aircraft they are operating but also knowledgeable about how those systems function. For aircraft maintenance technicians (AMTs) to function in the maintenance environment, they must understand the function and operation of an aircraft’s systems to aid in troubleshooting should a malfunction occur. All aviation personnel will deepen their knowledge during this session!

Instructor Bio

Bill Hopper has been involved in aviation since 1978 and holds pilot ratings in helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft. After serving in the US Air Force and Air Force Reserve, Bill earned his A&P certificate and bachelor’s degree in aircraft maintenance management from Parks College. He later earned a master’s degree in aviation safety from the University of Central Missouri. Bill started his career in the helicopter industry as an A&P/IA mechanic and has been involved in helicopter maintenance for 40 years. He has flown helicopters for 35 years, performing duties as a Part 135 charter pilot, utility patrol/traffic pilot, and flight instructor. An instructor for 30 years, Bill has conducted training programs for aviation companies since 2008 and presented at IA renewal and helicopter safety seminars since 1995. Bill is a recurrent maintenance instructor at Air Evac Lifeteam.

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