What the FRAT: Evaluating Risk

Rotor Safety Challenge (RSC)
Safety; Operations
Instructor: Christopher Young

Effectively evaluating risk prior to departure is critical in properly preparing for any operation. A successful methodology to use for such an evaluation is the flight risk assessment tool (FRAT), a simple yet proactive guide to help you understand the potential hazards you might encounter and identify how to mitigate their impact.

Instructor Bio

Christopher Young brings with him 29 years of aviation and leadership experience from the US Navy, air medical segment, aircraft manufacturing industry, aviation safety, and technical publication segments, with more than 2,900 flight hours as a pilot. He understands the unique complexities that aircraft operators face when implementing a safety management system (SMS). He offers practical guidance on conducting safety and quality analyses, hazard assessments, incident investigations, and compliance evaluations, as well as continuous improvement and brokering insurance.

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