Date(s): Wednesday, March 9 | 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Rotor Safety Challenge (RSC)
Operations, Pilot, Safety
Instructor: Bruce A. Webb, Airbus Helicopters

This session will focus on the realities of inadvertent entry into instrument meteorological conditions (IIMC). We’ll discuss pilot and equipment limitations and current guidance as they pertain to successfully escaping an encounter with a degraded visual environment. A case study will help reinforce known concepts and reveal others that could be easily overlooked. This seminar will teach participants how to avoid IIMC and, if IIMC is ultimately unavoidable, what to expect and how to respond.

Instructor Bio

Bruce Webb is the director of aviation education and community outreach for Airbus Helicopters. He believes the key to improving aviation safety is by better understanding human behavior. With more than 38 years of helicopter experience, Bruce is a passionate speaker whose unique perspective resonates with audiences.

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