When Blank Happens

Rotor Safety Challenge (RSC)
Operations; Safety
Instructor: Robert Lakind

In this session, we’ll review an incident in which an operator that had a safety management system (SMS) in place experienced no injuries when the commercial air conditioner the operator was installing on a skyscraper rooftop fell. Using this example, we will demonstrate how, although hazards outside anyone’s control can materialize, maintaining a good SMS can prevent injury during such events. We will walk through how the SMS program prevented injury in this case and what could have happened in the absence of a sound SMS.

Instructor Bio

Robert Lakind is an aviation attorney with Fields Howell LLP. Prior to becoming an attorney, Rob was an airline pilot who flew international and domestic flights. During his career, he has acquired extensive knowledge of and experience in compliance with the Federal Aviation Regulations and issues that arise in aviation operations. Rob has represented Part 135 operators, insurance companies, airports, buyers and sellers of aircraft, and other companies involved in aviation, as well as high net–worth individuals. His aviation work includes representing clients in their dealings with the FAA and the US National Transportation Safety Board, as well as in litigation. Rob has also provided instruction and training to other attorneys about aviation law.

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