Emergency Procedures at the GWCCA – Atlanta Campus

There are several tools we utilize to live-track weather, predict lightning, and respond/react to emergency situations. Below are the web-links to those resources.

  1. Emergency response procedures for incidents that could impact our Campus. https://www.gwcca.org/emergency-procedures/
  2. Earth Networks Weather Station – real time weather monitoring of the GWCCA – Atlanta Campus. This weather station is located on the top of Building A.
  3. Thor Guard Lightning Prediction System – measures atmospheric ionization to accurately predict lightning. One station is located on Building B overlooking the International Plaza and another station is located on top of the Visitor’s Center in Centennial Olympic Park. Below is what to expect when either station activates.
    • Thor Guard Audible
      One 15 second blast + amber strobe light = Red Alert = outdoor evacuation recommended/seek shelter/ lightning is probable
      Three 5 second blasts = All Clear = normal outdoor activities may resume