Health and Safety at HAI HELI-EXPO 2022

We appreciate your support of HAI HELI‑EXPO® and want to make sure you have a safe and healthy experience while on‑site in Dallas. HAI is working with the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas, our partner hotels, and supporting vendors in developing our safety plans and protocols. HAI is committed to holding a safe HAI HELI‑EXPO in 2022. All COVID‑19 safety procedures of the state of Texas and city of Dallas will be followed. We are actively tracking the science around COVID‑19 and its variants, and we will update our health protocols as necessary when more information becomes available. If you plan on attending HAI HELI‑EXPO 2022, you will be required to support our COVID‑19 safety and prevention efforts, as described below.


Masks will be provided to any attendee who wants one. HAI HELI-EXPO will follow state and local guidelines regarding the use of face masks.
Educational sessions will be set to allow for physical distancing in accordance with state and local guidelines.
High-traffic areas such as doorknobs, handrails, and elevator buttons will be disinfected frequently.
Self-registration options will be provided, and preregistration will be encouraged.
Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the convention center.
Food service throughout the convention center will employ the highest standards of food safety.
Alternative ways to greet old and new friends are encouraged. Maybe it’s an elbow bump, maybe it’s a fist bump, or maybe it’s something else entirely. Please respect each person’s limits.
Exhibitors should be mindful of the overall user experience within their space. This should include regular sanitization and cleaning. The exhibitor kit includes sanitization and cleaning services that can be ordered to help sustain a sanitized environment.
When it’s reasonable, we encourage digitized versions of sales brochures or business cards be available.
If you develop any symptoms on-site, you are requested to remove yourself from the exhibit hall, education session, or any other area of the show.